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Salvador Valencia


Sal is a contemporary plein-aire artist and abstract expressionist whose passion for life and art are vividly seen in colorful paintings. Painting outdoors with watercolors enables him to capture the true effects of color in sunlight and shade. By experimenting with color and design, he intensifies the mood and subject in his work and challenges viewers to look closer at colors seen versus what is perceived.

Recently, he started painting t-shirts using water soluble dyes. The colors were very vibrant and transparent, which gave him the idea of using them in an abstract format on watercolor paper. Initially, he poured dye on hot-press paper, and using a card like a squeegee, he was able to move the dye around. Later, he began using an airbrush technique on rough, watercolor paper, using rags on top of the paper to design his composition. Starting from light to dark, he air-brushed the dye over the rags, revealing enhancements with unusual over-sprays. With every painting, his technique evolves into new directions.  

Graduate: Cal State Hayward, B.A Fine Arts, 1972; Adult Ed Arts Credential


2023 - San Diego Watercolor Association - Monterey Dunes
2023 - California Watercolor Association - Trapped
2023 - Missouri Watercolor Association - Cufflinks
2022 -  Fallbrook Signature American Watercolor Exhibition - Marathoners
2022 - California Watercolor Association - Afterglow
2020 - California Watercolor Association - Crockett Neighborhood
2019 - California Watercolor Association - Beyond Light
2018 - Louisiana Watercolor Society "Abstract 8"
2018- Missouri Watercolor Society International Exhibition, Qindao, China "Allegro"
2017 -
California Watercolor Association "Abstract 8"
2016 - California Watercolor Association "Allegro"
2016 - S
an Diego Watercolor Association "Allegro"
2013 - San Diego Watercolor Association "On the Rocks"
2011 - Transparent Watercolor Assoc, Watercolor Magazine Award :Pesche Bueno"
2011 - Louisiana Watercolor Society "Jellyfish
2010 - PACO Best of Show "Old Neighborhood

Forest (1).jpg


Master Signature, Member, California Watercolor Association
Signature Member, San Diego Watercolor Association
Signature Member, Transparent Watercolor Association
Signature Member, Louisiana Watercolor Association
Signature Member,  Missouri Watercolor Society Plein Aire watercolor classes - seasonal

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