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Pittsburg Arts and Community Foundation (PACF) supports literacy for readers of all ages. PACF operates the Railroad Book Depot retail store at 650 Railroad Avenue, and works with the Pittsburg Library to support programs that promote reading. Last year, PACF distributed 3,150 free books to seniors, students, teachers and other local non-profit groups.


PACF supplies free books to the Reading Zone at Pittsburg City Hall at 65 Civic Avenue. The zone is a fun place for children to read, and take a book home if they like. For many kids, that is the first book they can call their very own. PACF also supports Pittsburg Reads, a program designed to keep kids reading over summer vacation.


PACF also supports local authors, book clubs, poetry groups and others who spread the word about the importance of reading. To find out how you can help, contact the Pittsburg Arts and Community Foundation through this website or on Facebook.




To fill out a volunteer application, visit the Volunteer Opportunities page.

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