Pittsburg's Art Shack at 31 Marina Blvd. (operated by Pittsburg Arts & Community Foundation) is a working studio and classroom for both professional and student artists. Many professional artists working at the Art Shack serve as instructors to artists in every age group.


It is our belief that everyone is born an artist, but somewhere along the way it is killed or abandoned. Our goal is to keep the artist alive in everyone by working with children and adults as long as one can continue to fuel their personal desire to create.  Through true mentorship in a safe and comfortable environment, we are developing and molding future artists.


The Art Shack offers open enrollment  for all beginning and advanced art classes for kids and adults.

Classes are available throughout the year:

Class Schedule

Beginning/Intermediate Drawing

Beginning/Intermediate Painting

Painting/Drawing Studio

Teen Mural Internship Program 

Stained Glass Creations



Francis Palermo (Advanced Drawing and Painting)

Francis Palermo (Stained Glass)
Karen Nelson Kelly (Beginning & Intermediate Painting/Drawing)

Laurie Johnson (Children's Painting, Drawing, Crafts)

Kristin Cumings (Teen Mural Internship Program)



For pricing and enrollment information, call Rose Mary Tumbaga, Director of Arts, Literacy and Education at (925) 252-6930.

*Pittsburg Arts and Community Foundation (PACF) is a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

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